Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wow-- excellent weekend for finding Hudson memorabilia at local rummage/garage sales!  I got all this stuff in the last 24 hours....

Antique made-in-Hudson Gifford Wood ice tongs refashioned into a candelabra:

(Gifford had foundry here that specialized in ice-harvesting tools....)

1985 Fire Alarm Locator/Calendar, courtesy Register-Star:

Flip side is a calendar with reprint of the first edition of the Hudson Weekly Gazette,
March 31, 1785.

Ca. 1940 Elmer Swanson silhouette advertising thermometer:

Chocolate brown size 44 man's suit from Kritzman-Maskin Men's store, 511
(?)Warren St:

And my favorite, a tiny pocket sewing kit from the Orchard Dress Shop:


  1. Wow, you made out like a bandit! My favorites are definitely the candelabra and that gorgeous silhouette thermometer!!! Great finds!