Wednesday, July 28, 2010

great opportunity

Great opportunity tonight to see "Odds Against Tomorrow", a movie shot mostly in Hudson in 1959.  Starring Harry Belafonte and with a great jazz soundtrack. It will be shown at Space 360, 360 Warren Street, 6:30 pm.
Warren Street is heavily featured, (a bank robbery takes place at 6th and Warren in what's now Bank of America).  Also, look for the grand houses that stood where the vinyl boxes sit now atop the hillside adjacent to the promenade.
As for the waterfront scenes, you won't recognize a thing----

Thursday, July 8, 2010

under the linoleum

My friend Tim recently excavated seven layers of linoleum from one room of his house over on Union Street.
(You can count them along with me here:)

At the bottom of the pile were some old Hudson Registers dated April 1938, which he saved for me.

The wood grain from the wide board floors was stamped on many of the pages,
making for some interesting as-found faux bois collages.


According to this ad for  Bresky's "Smoke and Water Sale" at 357 Warren Street (now a parking lot) the Hudson Playhouse was lying in ruins, having just been destroyed by fire.
Here's an old postcard of The Hudson Playhouse from its heyday.
I believe this was at 353 Warren, right where Tortillaville is sitting now, in the old City Glass parking lot.
Facade seems to be dated 1912, which would mean this building only stood 26 years (or - did they rebuild?...)

Other interesting tidbits include:
boxing bouts and cooking classes at City Hall 

A pet store on North 5th Street

as well as an American-Italian-Chinese Restaurant on the corner of State & 5th.

And Another Amateur Night at La Roma's, 225 Warren Street, 
with the Personality Boys.