Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CLC Plan for Furgary Site and North Bay

This is page 12 of the current Columbia Land Conservancy magazine, which I happened upon earlier this week at the information kiosk at High Falls in Philmont.
The red text at the top of the page reads: "As part of the CLC plan, interpretive programs would educate visitors about the varied ecosystems and history of the area...."
Oh, the irony---tearing down the 150 year old fishing/boating village to teach history --- and placing "Kayak/Canoe access" there, even though we already have a Kayak/Canoe launch at Hudson's waterfront Park. (Oh and let's not forget all the Visitor Parking, for the people who want to hike on the old landfill mound.)
The petition is here. My photos of the Boat Club are here. The boat club will welcome visitors this Saturday from 1-6 pm. Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July.