Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flag Day 1973

Unfortunately my scanner software isn't working, and I only got to see the beginning of the Flag Day Parade this year, but I thought I would try to have some photo-phun with these old snapshots I found a few years ago at the Watnot Shop. (Click to enlarge)
Seven photos taken on Flag Day in 1973; all near the corner of 5th and Warren.
In 1973 the parade still headed up Warren Street rather than down, 

and there was primo seating atop what is now the Nolita Cafe.


Here's a then-and-now composite showing south side of 5th and Warren; none of the buildings in top photo are there now.

                                    Looking east up Warren, 500 block

Who is this young couple?
...and where are they now?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ebay Alert: The Roylton Motel and Lounge

Ca 1960

A vintage postcard of the Roylton Motel (currently the Warren Inn)
is up for auction on ebay, here.  Bidding starts at 99cents and auction ends April 8th.  (Note- The seller has it mispelled as "Royalton".)

Here's a matchbook cover from the same era:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

FDR in Hudson


Today is Franklin Delano Roosevelt's birthday--which reminded me I've been meaning to share this photograph, taken of him in Hudson, in his last year as Governor of New York.
The FASNY Firemen's Home was built around 1900, so this 1932 "dedication" was likely that of the Memorial Hospital, which was added that year.
This old post card shows the original Firemen's Home on the left, and what I assume is the hospital addition on the right.   Roosevelt seems to be standing on a platform (and leaning on an armchair) between the two buildings.