Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Greenport School

primary classroom
The old Greenport Elementary School on Rt 66 is being cleaned out ---

 lots of industrial kitchen equipment being sold off,
as well as desks,
who cares
upright pianos,
pianos for sale
and mystery machines.
mystery machine

The original school was built in 1928 main entrance of older section
and is surrounded with daffodils and budding magnolias and forsythia.
budding magnolias
It has some nice original wood details.
main ent cubby/closet in older building
girls room

The single-story mid-century addition has long cinderblock hallways, with some really wonderful murals painted by the schoolchildren
mural detail

I love how in this one the kids have placed all the local schools right on Hudson's waterfront...
waterfront schools...
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save electricity

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  1. Oh, I do hope they are not going to tear it down? Or if they do, that they will try to preserve some of this history?