Friday, March 27, 2009


Scored a Hudsonopoly board game at the first yard sale of the season this morning!

These were made in 1985 to commemorate Hudson's Bicentennial. I've found them before but always gave them away. This set is too tattered to give as a gift---so it'll go in my ever-growing Hudson time capsule...
From what I can tell, the only Hudsonopoly business still in existence is Town and Country Foods, down on Dock Street. I know Bobbie's Flea Market and Sherin's Dollhouse Shop are long gone...(sigh)...
Maybe we need to get together and make a new edition for the big Henry Hudson Quadricentennial this year?

Think of the possibilities..

You could buy the Martin residence, turn it into a fabulous, hip B&B, but then draw the chance card that quadruples your property taxes!

Or, how about: "Wal-Mart opens in Greenport; kills your business, you're foreclosed on. Go directly to jail."

Incidentally (while I'm here),
on my way to the yard sale, I had to drive by the brand-spanking-new-this-week Applebee's

"Neighborhood Grill and Bar", out on Fairview Avenue. (What's with the "grill" coming before the "bar" now?)

This is the "neighborhood" right behind Applebee's:
Future home of Super Wal-Mart of course, but with a lovely Berkshire Mountains backdrop.

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  1. Great find! and nicely written! I can't even imagine how different Fairview Avenue looks from when I was a kid. I try to avoid that area altogether, cause I find it too depressing.