Saturday, October 9, 2010

Remembering Joan

Over twenty years ago I tore this centerfold out of a 1989 GAMES Magazine.

I was so struck by its charm and genius ---I knew I would enjoy looking at it for years to come.   I suppose it was one of Joan Steiner's first published dioramas, long before her Look-Alike books started being published in the late nineties. 

Here's another one from 1992:

I initially met Joan in 1996, through a mutual friend who said we had similar artistic sensibilities (I used to make diorama-ish art too).  Then I moved to Hudson where  I'd run into her often, including at the Watnot Shop, where we both loved to treasure  hunt regularly.  

At some point we learned we both loved Scrabble, and got into playing long, drawn-out intense games, every Monday evening,  year-round.  Joan taught me how to keep a balanced rack and--- never open up a triple, unless you're putting down a bingo.  

I probably won't be able to attend Joan's Memorial Service today (3 pm, Dutch Reformed Church, Rt 9H, Claverack), so I am remembering her today by wearing a necklace made of trinkets I got at her studio Sale a couple weeks ago.  (It has served as a Good Luck charm throughout the current local Scrabble tournament).

Rest in Peace, Joan.

"Suitcase" I found at Joan's studio sale.


  1. Thank you for sharing these memories.

    Googling, I just discovered her diorama-ish clothing...!

    New York Magazine Apr 16, 1979

  2. What beautiful memories you have.

  3. Hey. Wow, I saw that scrabble suitcase in the train station diorama. I love her books. It reminds me of my childhood.