Tuesday, June 15, 2010

mystery location

My (wild) guess as to where this photo was taken would be upper Columbia Street, looking southeast, pretty much in the location where the hospital stands now.  But it's just a guess based on the terrain---Would be interested in any other ideas/input....

(Click picture to enlarge)


  1. I'm not sure of location, but someone did an awesome job of making a fountain - out of what does indeed look like an old bell!!!

  2. That picture was taken right at the intersection for Fairview Ave and Green Street where Sewarts is now. I saw this photo some years ago while doing research project that told where it was.
    The fountain would have been pretty much right in the middle of the intersection there now.

  3. Thank You T, and to Carole Osterink, who also clarified this for me. I have known about the fountain at that corner but couldn['t read it from this angle; have only seen later pics from opposite viewpoint. ~L