Sunday, May 13, 2012

316-318 Warren Street, about a hundred years ago.

There are some excellent sleuths over in the "You're Probably from Hudson.." facebook group.    Becky, Joan, Cheryl... and more.  And, if you're into Hudson nostalgia from just about any era, it's definitely the place to hang out and reminisce.
  I check in often to see what pops up in the "I've never seen that old photo before!" category.
 This morning I woke up to a wonderful antique photo Cheryl had discovered on a website devoted to collecting and identifying antique cars and trucks, called Hemming's Blog.
It is the Reutenaur's Bakery at 318 Warren Street, some time around 1910-1915.   Go to the website to view it in greater detail;  there is also a wonderful interior shot,  complete with the family posed in the store, and loaves of bread on the counter.....CLICK HERE.

Here is the same location as it appears today.  Rural Residence stands at far left and Kennedy Fried Chicken is far right.

(Thank You, Cheryl B., for discovering these, and to Daniel Strohl, who posted them!.)