Sunday, January 25, 2009

Propst Horseshoeing

Kind of a sad story about this old photograph:Propst Horseshoeing, Hudson, NY
I  found it in the Watnot Shop about 8+ years ago, when I was making my living selling collectibles on ebay, (and saving my pennies to buy a house here in Hudson.)  Subject-specific antique photos, such as this one of an old horse-shoeing shop--had the potential to bring hefty profits.  This one, however, only brought about ten bucks.

That's not the sad part though.
The sad part is that about a month or two after I sold it, I bought my house here on 5th Street, and, after studying the leftover jpeg some more, realized that Propst Horseshoeing had been located directly across the street from my new home (a fact I confirmed by researching old directories in the history room at the library.)


So, I sold a piece of Hudson history on ebay for ten bucks--- big ouch.

The good news is that the buyer was someone named Propst, so it's hopefully stored safely away in a genealogical archive somewhere, not my messy cigar box filing system...

Monday, January 12, 2009

they paved paradise

View from Long Alley, 2004:
View from Long Alley, 2005:
View from Prison Alley 2004:
View from Prison Alley 2005:
(former location of Gold's Scrapyard, mid- 300 block of Columbia Street)